Techniek Zaantheater Licht

Technical specifications large audiotorium

The Albert Heijnzaal is the large auditorium of Zaantheater.

  • 890 seats, 460 at stalles and 353 at 1st circle/balcony
  • Proscenium theatre with elevated stage floor and orchestra pit.

Loading Dock

Hogendijk 32
NL-1506 AH Zaandam, The Netherlands

Due to the municipal ordinance, it is not allowed to park passenger cars our loading and unloading area. Passenger cars can be parked in the parking garage under the Zaantheater. Tickets are available at the box office for € 6,50 each.

Technical specifications large auditorium (PDF)
Light plot large auditorium (PDF)
Topview Stage & Auditorium Plan (PDF)
Hanging Plot Fly System Large Auditorium